6 weeks after amputation

My sweet 3 year old Yorkie, Bella, was viciously attacked by the neighbors dog on December 9th, 2015.  After numerous requests to the neighbor to do something about her dog head butting my fence, my worst nightmare happened.  He pushed his head through the fence and was able to grab Bella by her leg ripping, tugging, and destroying her leg before we could release her.  My family, including my 1 and 3 year old granddaughters were in the house decorating my Christmas tree after a nice dinner.  Suddenly we heard the gut wrenching screams of my sweet Bella.  We rushed her to Banfield where they put a splint on her little leg and sent us off to the hospital.  That was Wednesday night and on Friday morning they amputated her right front shoulder and leg. Unfortunately the neighbor has no remorse what so ever.  Bella is coming along nicely but as for me, I am still so traumatized and sad.

I take my baby everywhere with me including church and people look forward to seeing her. I’m making her cute little outfits which she likes wearing.  I think it is good therapy for me but is just such a sad time.  I know it could have killed her and I am so grateful she is doing so good.I was thinking this morning about how will she be able to swim in my pool this summer.  She loved her swimming. Will she be able to swim?

I started going to an exercise boot camp and eating clean and lean.  I figure if I keep real healthy in my body, my emotions will be stronger as I’m occupying my time.  Anyone that can help me recover this would be appreciated.

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  1. Hi, what a horrific thing to have experienced. I can’t even imagine how traumatic it had to have been for you and your Bella and still is. My Bella a peek-a-poo lost her front left leg two days before Christmas to cancer. They do read your emotions so stay strong for her. The positive is that dogs are very resilient and don’t feel sorry for themselves. The pick themselves up and adapt to their new normal very quickly. My Bella loves snow and was running around chasing snow balls a few weeks ago. Your Bella will do great and will be swimming her little heart out this summer! 🐾❤️

    1. Wow, this sight is like having a counselor at my fingertip. I have never done a blog before this. I like it already.

  2. This had to be so traumatic. I’m sure the “replay” will stay with you for quite sometime. And for the ” neighbors” to be show no remorse just adds another layer of anger.

    I hope this doesn’t come out wrong….hmm…how to say it…clearly that dog isn’t very loved or very well treated. To be so insensitive to your situation, makes it obvious that it was the owner’s fault in so many levels, moreso than the dog.

    I’m just so sorry this has happened to your sweet Bella. But she has moved on. Bella is enjoying all the attention she is getting for being the cutest little tripawd ever!! She has a mission. Bella is showing th world nothing can srop her from playing full out and living life ro the fullest!

    CANNOT wait to see pictures of her in her cute little outfits! We MUST have pictures!!

    We do a little Halloween contest around here. Just giving you a heads up so yiu can start thinking about it. Go to the forums and search Halloween contest. It should come up and shownyou some of the great costumes from the past.

    Oh gosh! Almost forgot! Yes! She will be able to swim just fine! Yorkies like to swim? Can’t wait to see those photos!!

    The site actually has little “life jackets” for dogs to help themswim easier in the water. Check out the gear links. Look at some of the various banners st the top of the forum lage. Sometimes you’ll see pictures of dogs swimming and wearing their “float coat”. I jave to say though, it’s usually a Lab or a Retreive, ot Yorkies!!
    The beauty of being dog..of being Bella..is she’s moved on. She’s not replaying it. I KNOW she’s enjoying all that extra spoiling that all tripawds get! What used to be something that might get a doga “No!”, now turns into, “That’s okay sweetie, you can get into the trash because you are so darn cute!”

    Go ahead and feel the anger, feel the sadness, move through it, move forward. You can’t deny how traumatic it was and, unfortunately,you can’t change it. But you aredoi g an OUTSTANDING job of getting through it. Time will be your friend. Be patient with yourself, okay?



    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

    1. Thank you for your kind words and validating my feelings. So since I have never done a blog before, I dont know how to post pictures of Bella. Can you help me?

      1. Oh no what an awful thing to happen to poor Bella! I am soooo sorry. We’re glad you joined us, we are here to help both of you adjust. You have a GREAT attitude and with that kind of pawsitivity life will be joyful once again.

        We would love to see photos of Bella! Check out our Technical Support page which has videos about how do that. If you’d still like more support just private message Jerry or Admin through the Discussion Forums and we can walk you through it. Here’s the link:


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